Flocculant Disperser

Penberthy Model 62DP Flocculant Disperser is used when powder must be combined with water to create the perfect mix of chemical concentrations. Dispersers can effectively wet 2.27 kg (5 lb) of powder for every 37.8 to 56.7 L (10 to 15 gal.) of water supplied to the unit, resulting in a 4 to 6% concentration of flocculant in the water. This mixture must then be mixed thoroughly with additional water until the powder is dissolved completely and the desired solution concentration obtained. Water supply pressures from 20 to 100 psig (1.37 to 6.89 barg) can be used.

The Penberthy Model 62DP Flocculant Disperser is a ‘small job’ device and operates in a similar manner to a ring jet; the nozzle having the same basic characteristics.